The story of Modular Kitchens began with Edward, but now goes well beyond him. Edward started Modular Kitchens 12 years ago, having sold his previous kitchen business of 15 years. He has always worked in the building industry. His building experience brings into the process a practical approach to the design. Edward puts in every effort to design a kitchen that meets all his clients needs and looks amazing.

Edward is particularly creative in identifying kitchens that just don’t work. He wants to create a kitchen that is easy to use and a joy to work in. We are continually amazed by the number of customers who are thrilled to bits with Edward’s quirky approach to problem solving. Every client is different, and every home has a unique requirement. Edward enjoys meeting clients, getting to know their kitchen needs and requirements, and creating something that is truly perfect for them. Most importantly, it’s in their reach financially. Every space brings with it a new challenge and crafting creative and effective solutions for each is something he is truly passionate about.


Mathew has been with Edward from the beginning of Modular Kitchens. He comes from a building background; his father having built houses for Edward and his grandfather (also a builder) would now and again also be on the building site. It was here Edward first encountered Matthew as a small boy. He developed all his kitchen manufacturing and benchtop fabrication skills from them. Matthew assembles cabinets and fabricates benchtops with great finesse. All his building experience has helped him become very adept at kitchen installation. His love for the building craft is apparent from the product he delivers to every new kitchen.


Josh was a farmer from up north. Family brought him to Auckland and he now loves it here. Josh has proved to be very adaptable in managing the factory and looking after the customers. He is responsible for organising the construction of the kitchens. It helped that Josh has a very keen sense for design and an adaptable nature. Popular with clients for his friendly approachable manner, Josh is now under training with Edward to improve his design skills.


Edward’s grandson, Aaron has a knack for computer design. Aaron has learnt his skills on the job. He’s been in and out of the factory and showroom since he was 14 years old, working part time. In 2017 he wanted to take a gap year from university so asked if he could work full time. Aaron helps with office administration and 3D designs of the kitchens.


Erin was the office manager until Aaron took over in 2018. She now works begins the scenes, and is guiding Aaron to take over her job.

Vincent and Shane

Vincent and Shane make up the rest of the team. They work in the factory to manufacture the kitchens and on-site to install them. They have been with us for a number of years and are honing their skills. Between them, they complete our team.